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All Lessons Canceled by Clients Must be done Online or Hard Copy (Forms in Viewing Room) and put in Lesson Payment Box (DO NOT HAND TO TRAINER OR ANY BARN STAFF).  

We will not accept Lesson Cancellations in any other way except Online or Hard Copy.  If you call, email, facebook, tell a trainer, etc. and we have no paperwork you will be responsible for full lesson payment.

Please refer to our Absent Cancellation and Makeup Lesson Policy below.  No Exceptions!

There is a strict 48-Hour Cancellation Policy. If you cancel with a 48-Hour Notice or more than we will allow you to reschedule a missed lesson based in availability OR attend our once a month Makeup Day. If you provide us with proper cancellation notice everyone will have 30 days to make up a missed lesson after that the lesson will be forfeited and no refunds are provided.

--You may need to ride with another instructor for your makeup but we will do our best to try and accommodate the trainer you request. However, there is no guarantee and Makeup Day Trainers will vary.


If you cancel your lesson with less than 48-Hour Notice or No Show the lesson is subject to Full Charge and No Makeup will be provided.

Payments can be made in full at the beginning of the month or on a weekly basis.  Weekly payments must be made by the actual occurring lesson date or a $5.00 fee will be assessed for every late lesson payment.  *To be clear on this if you or your child is mounting a horse for a lesson the payment will need to be in the box or a $5.00 Fee will be applied for that lesson.

Rider's Full Name  *
Reason for Absence  *
Lesson Date Absent (Date Format: 01/01/2015  *
Lesson Date Return (Date Format: 01/01/2015  *
Lesson Trainer
Lesson Time  *
Are you Providing 48Hr Notice YES or NO? (If No Full Lesson Payment is Due - No Exceptions).  *
If YES, (48Hr Notice) -- Makeup Date
Parent Name (If Under 18)
Client E-mail  *
Client Phone  *
I have read and understand the above Absent Cancellation and Makeup Lesson Policy YES or NO?  *
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