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Barn Rules

Barn Rules 2016


- All riders must wear ASTM/SEI approved helmets that are properly fitted.  Our available lesson helmets are made by Troxel and you can learn further information from their website at the following
link for proper use, care, etc.

- The Irish Luck Stables waiver must be completed for all riders/handlers upon arrival.  If a minor the child's parent(s)/legal guardian must also sign.  An online copy of wavier must ALSO be approved when registering for a lesson.

- Appropriate footwear is required at all times, no open toed shows on the property.  Boot with heel

- Long pants required.


- No Smoking, Drinking, or Drug Use on property.  If you are under the influence you will be asked to leave immediately!

- Children 12 and under must be supervised by an adult at all times.  No running or sudden movements.  No shouting or loud noises.

- The Boarder/Employee Tack Room is off limits to all except Boarders, Trainers, Employees.  A secure code is needed to access and should not be shared.

- Cleanup after the horse you are riding and yourself.  Assure aisles are clean of any equipment.

- Feed Rooms, Hay Rooms, Shaving Storage, Private Offices are Off Limits to all except Trainers and Employees.

- All Lights and Heaters should be off if last person riding or when done using them.

- All borrowed equipment should be returned to their proper place - tack, brooms, 

- Stall Doors and Paddock Gates must remain closed unless approved to open with a Owner, Trainer or Employee.

- Well behaved dogs are welcome on a leash and under owner control by owner of dog at all times, aggressive dogs are banned.

- No Drama and No Gossip of any kind permitted.  We are a family friendly environment where everyone is welcome.  If you have a complaint contact Kim the owner directly and the issue will be handled immediately.


- NEVER Stand behind or go under a horse.

- No Horses should ever be left unattended.  

- Horses should be properly Cross-Tied only.  No horses should be tied to any fences or gates.   

- Horses must be lead with a proper fitted Lead Rope clipped to the Halter.

- Do not mount or ride a horse in the barn aisles.  Only in Arena and Outside.

- Halters must be removed when in Stalls.

- NEVER Enter a paddock with horses in it.

 No treats to horses unless approved by Owner/Trainer.  All treats may be given in a feed bucket only and not hand fed.

- If you unsure on any item please ask for help.  If you see an unsafe condition please Alert Owner, Trainer, or Employee!

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